Strength Through Performance


  • Highly resistance to damage
    • No loose components
    • Easy to erect and dismantle


  • Quick fastening in a horizontal manner. Four horizontal bars can be attached at one time in order to assure the firm clamping action of top cup for further strength and rigidity of the joint.
  • It has advantages like expeditious assembling and dismantling, thus saving time and labor.
  • Flexible application in construction, dis-assemblage and maintenance works for any type of structure: Straight or Curved.
  • Easy assemblage is possible without the use of many components.
  • Maximum leg load of 75* kN with a max grid spacing of 2.5m x 2.5m.(Maximum leg load is dependent on a set of conditions with regard to bracing, Ledger/Transom spacing, load eccentricity, extension of Adjustable Bases and U-Heads and out of plumb of the system)

Application: As scaffolding for multipurpose. Also for decking / supporting slabs at greater height.


  1. Design standard as per EN 12811, EN 74.
  2. Thickness tolerance will be +/- 5%
  3. Material shall comply with EN 39
  4. Materials grade shall be S235 40C grade/50C (S355)