Strength Through Performance
  • Joins 48 O.D. scaffold tube standards end to end internally.
  • Fits inside scaffold tubes.
  • Expands to fit internal diameter of scaffold tube when bolt tightened.
  • Tightening bolt suits standard Scaffold Spanner.
  • Made from forged steel.
  • Hot dip galvanised finish.
  • Under compression loading this Joint Pin is capable of taking the full capacity of the scaffold tube.
  • Not to be used for tension loads. Under tension loading, it is necessary to splice the joint with another scaffold tube and Swivel Couplers (tension load check required).
  • Not to be used for end to end joining of tube ledgers.
  • This Joint Pin must only be used to join scaffold tube with the same internal diameter, ie, the same wall thickness.
  • Typical scaffold tube sizes are:
    • 48.3mm O.D. x 40.3mm I.D. (4.00mm wall thickness tube) or – 48.3mm O.D. x 41.3mm I.D. (3.2mm wall thickness tube).

Minimum Slip Load – 6.0kN

Minimum Bending Load – 19.0kN

Finish – Plated, Gold Passivated or Powder Coated