Strength Through Performance

Gratings are sturdy grids of bearing bars and cross bars. The applications of steel gratings are varied. From industries to small walkways to residential and non-residential construction, offshore and shipbuilding, agriculture and civil engineering, gratings provide solutions for floorings.

  • We also provide heavy duty and steel floor gratings
  • Heavy Duty gratings are manufactured for use in industries to withstand extreme loads like forklifts and highway trucks.
  • Steel floorings that are safe; open meshed and enclosed flooring, slip resistant, durable and aesthetically designed.

Heavy Duty Steel Gratings:

Heavy duty steel gratings are manufactured with deeper and thicker load bearing bars. The Load bearing capacity of the bars are determined with the size of the bars. Heavy duty gratings are utilized in multiple industrial applications such as airfields, highways, industrial floors, docks, platforms, truck and bus terminals, parking lots and railroad yards and specialty applications.

Heavy Duty gratings are manufactured to carry heavy loads for extended periods of time and are welded to provide the needed strength and resilience for industrial applications. Heavy duty gratings are also available in plain and serrated